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> AHOOHA is an Amsterdam-based creative collective which focuses on social change related documentary productions.

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We are filmmakers with a passion for social change. Let's be real, things should be better! AHOOHA cares about you and our planet! We have a zest for life and anything that lives!

AHOOHA loves you!

AHOOHA cares about you and our planet! Social change is important to us because it allows for much needed change at the grassroots, which means YOU AND ME!

What does AHOOHA mean?

We have a zest for life! Therefore AHOOHA is more of a sound than a word to us. Try it: AHOOOOOOHA! Feels good to start a day like that doesn't it!?

What can we do?

We are filmmakers with a passion for social change. That means we will go the mile for your cause. Whether it's a short promo video or long documentary about your project.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to contribute towards global change: both in the physical as well as the mental realm. Let's be real, things should be better!

Reasons to choose us?

We are completely committed to our projects. We produce our films with passion because they are about the things we value and love! We also leave a very tiny footprint. To date, you might say we are the 'greenest' production house in the world!

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    We work with a team of individuals, each with their own expertise. Lead by Greetje Mulder and Rogier van der Voort, who started AHOOHA back in the day. Greetje has a great eye for beautiful images so nothing goes in or out without her approval. Over the years she has developed her skills as a photographer and cinematographer. Rogier has focused on production and editing, so together they make a pretty great little team. Surrounded by lots of professionals in the industry, we are never shy of any form of input!

    Our clients

    We are proud to have worked with these fine people:

    Our films

    The documentaries we have produced. Click the left thumbnail to watch the trailer.

    Seeds of Permaculture - 2014

    Sabangan - 2013

    Freedom Ahead - 2012

    True Stories about SHE - 2005

    What our viewers say about Seeds of Permaculture?

    "Awesome doc on..."

    "Awesome doc on tropical permaculture, the more of these the merrier!"

    "Here we go!!! "

    "Here we go!!! That's what I thought when looking to this... and I must admit, I had to see it twice immediately. Simply brilliant stuff, you guy's nailed it and you know it! Don't mind if I share. Enjoy the ride... ;)"

    "Very good documentary!!!"

    "Very good documentary!!! One of the best I have seen on permaculture. You guys and gals really nailed it. Thank you!!!!!!!! I will share like crazy!"

    Contact us

    Feel free to get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you!
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